About the Author

The Story Behind The Author

The Story Behind The Author

John Ferrara brings a unique blend of knowledge and experience to the task of providing a clear and accurate practical presentation on the many aspects of ADS-B.

Career Details

He started his career at a university research center, but succumbed to the lure of aviation and opened a general aviation avionics business. After selling the business, he joined Narco Avionics, when it was the big name in general aviation avionics. After about ten years with Narco, he joined Cessna’s ARC avionics division.

After three years with ARC Cessna, he left the avionics world for the military electronics world. He spent 18 years at a small company BASE TEN working on various military systems. This was followed by ten years with the Sarnoff Corporation working on a variety of projects such as digital TV and Satellite imagers.


His New Interest is ADS-B

The retirement from Sarnoff meant much more time to pursue aviation interests. John started flying in 1960, is instrument rated, and has about 6000 hours, including many hours of flight instructing. He owns and regularly flies a Piper Twin Comanche ADS-B equipped. The aircraft is based at KTTN Trenton, New Jersey, and spends many hours flying in the high-density airspace between New York, Philadelphia, and Washington DC.

John’s interest in ADS-B grew from a desire to purchase ADS-B for his Twin Comanche.

Although there was a great deal of literature on ADS-B, sorting out the ‘correct’ information and filling in the gaps turned out to be a large task.

As a result of contacts made in researching ADS-B, John was invited to join the RTCA SC-206 committee preparing a new technical document for the FIS-B (Flight Information System-Broadcast) system. The RTCA documents become the technological basis for the FAA TSO requirements and are generally referenced in the TSO.

About His Books

Serving on this committee for many years provided an opportunity to learn about many FAA and industry ADS-B leaders and a way to develop an in-depth understanding of the ADS-B system.

ADS-B Guide is John’s second book on Avionics. He previously wrote ‘Every Pilot’s Guide to Aviation Electronics’, which is now out of print.