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The ADS-B Guide for pilots, owners, aviation schools, and technicians.

ADS-B Guide for Equipment Selection, Installation, and Use

ADS-B Guide for Equipment Selection, Installation, and Use

The ADS-B guide is an authoritative and compelling 270 page book on ADS-B selection, installation and use including FIS-B and TIS-B. Well indexed it is written in an orderly and easy to understand format with important information you will want to know and find nowhere else.

This guide is also a great learning tool in technical schools and aviation schools. Money Back Guarantee.

About the Author

John Ferrara is the author of The ADS-B Guide. He is a long-time pilot and aircraft owner and holds a degree in electrical engineering from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He worked at Narco Avionics and ARC avionics division and also joined the RTCA SC-206 committee. He has more than 60 years of experience in the industry.


Why Choose The ADS-B Guide

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    The ADS-B Guide covers all elements in the ADS-B system that will leave you no surprises when working with the system.

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    The ADS-B Guide covers in-depth in the system to ensure that new learners and the most knowledgeable people still learn something new.

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    The book covers the selection of ADS-B equipment, installation of ADS-B, usage of ADS-B, and how ADS-B works.

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    The book is useful to train professionals, aviation technicians, and pilots.

We Love Questions

John strives to educate and provide a useful book on the new electronic system ADS-B.